Wednesday, 5 May 2010

I haven't really anything very interesting to talk about but I wanted to post.
People have been commenting about my weight saying that they think I have lost weight. I was saying to my friends mum about how my feet seem to be getting smaller - I have gone down two shoe sizes in the last 3 months or so. And my jeans nearly all of them I can pull them out at the front loads - I had to pinch my friends belt when I was out on Monday night because they were nearly falling down.

I should probably be happy about this but there is just something that isn't right - the scale isn't backing any of this up. The last time I weighed myself was 19 April and I was 7 Stone 8 or 110Ibs I think. But I haven't weighed since because I've been too scared. I'm amazed that I am not happy about loose jeans and people saying nice things, but I don't see how it can be right because I haven't binged like a starved ape or anything like that, but my intake hasn't been wonderful and I'm not doing very much exercise either so I really don't know.

Fuck what is wrong with me, I almost sound annoyed, I really not, just confused. Has anyone else had this without an explanation?? Help unconfuse me please, it would be very much apprieciated.

I hope all you lovely girlies are doing alright. If you have any funny anecdotes about your day please leave me a comment and tell me. Make me smile :)
I love you
Rachel x


  1. well, if you have increased your exercise, you could actually be thinner and weight the same (muscle mass is way heavier than fat mass).
    Or maybe you HAVE lost weight.
    but the only way to know it is the scale sweetie...

  2. I agree with Lucy's Shadow. She's totally correct :)

    Want a funny story? I'm not sure if you know what stink bugs are... but they're annoying little pests and they scare me crapless! They're attracted to light, so naturally my room is a hotspot. When they fly, they make this clicking noise with their wings- as soon as I hear anything like it, I go into a panic.

    Anyway, last night I was talking to my mother when I heard that noise. Within (I'm not exaggerating...) under 2 seconds, I had shrieked, ducked into a crouched position, and propelled myself across the office floor. Just try to imagine that. I had rug burns all down my legs hahaha! Hope that made you laugh at me and my silliness :)


    ps. weigh yourself! I'm curious!

  3. Oh but be happy! :D It's happened to me! Actually it's happening to me right now! I hate it, cause though everybody tell you you're thin, you just can't see it yourself. Sucks