Friday, 21 May 2010

I love my big brother

I really do. It's 4.30 in the morning and he has just killed the daddylonglegs in my room.

I am not a horrible person, I did not get him out of his bed to do this, I swear, he is playing in a football match in England and he was already up.

And I just had the best smoke I think ever. Free from creepy things. It really is beautiful this time of the morning, the birds outside were singing to me.

I prbably could sleep now, but I own't I'll only feel wrected (spelling??) if I do. Only three hours left.



  1. Wretched. Forgive me, I am a spelling Nazi.

    You should try to get some sleep.
    I always lose weight after sleeping.
    Go figure.

  2. get a little bit of sleep
    and you'll feel even better.

  3. I love big brothers who kill evil spiders in honor to save us. :) They are fantastic, aren't they?

    Try and sleep. Sleep is a wondrous thing.

  4. my brother teases me all the time, but he has his good moments too, like taking me and my friend out dancing next week XD.
    by the way, i haven't told you this before, i love seeing that picture you have with your blog name. its the first thing i see here and always makes me smile for some reason.

  5. if i had a big brother i'd have him trained to murder spiders and daddylonglegs for me :P xo

  6. Dear god, i had to google daddy longlegs haha. Scaryyyy!!! :S

  7. what would we be without big brothers?

    Mine even allowed me to skip BBQ at his place, last Saturday night. I only wish I had skipped beer as wel, LOL!

  8. Ugh, if only I could have a big brother who would protect me from giant spiders in my room, along with all of the other monstrosities of this world =/
    Lol're doing well so far. Keep it up!