Friday, 21 May 2010

I sorry about my post last night. I hate telling you guys I've failed, but I hate not telling you even more, if that makes any sense,

I don't want to let yesterday get me down, today is a new day, there is nothing I can do to change yesterday.

I have tons to do today, I have to walk my dog, clean my room, do the washing, do some ironing, do coursework, clean the kitchen, hoover, and I'm sure there's lots of other fun stuff in there too that I have forgotten about.

I also wrote a list of the food I could eat today, within my 1000 calorie allowence. Then I put the foods into meals, and I have 5 meals, I am going to see how this goes today and then maybe continue with it, because I really think it will be a lot easier, and a lot less stressful, knowing what I am allowed to eat instead of opening a closing the fridge and cupboards about 20 times.

Thanks for the comments on last nights post, I really mean that.
Today will be better.

I will post tonight and let you know how I've done.
Rachel x


  1. Rachel! No worries. You're completely correct, being honest is the way to be. You have such a great support system here with us, we're not here to judge you. Everyone slips up at one point or another. It hurts, but it makes you stronger! :)
    You'll do teriffic today, I can feel it. Just keep your mindset!


  2. :) having a plan of what you're allowed to eat is good, it keeps things positive. im glad you told us though, since we cant give you the encouragement and love you -all of us actually- need if you're silent.
    I hope today went better