Tuesday, 18 May 2010

On a roll...

Well not exactly I have been following this routine for like 2 days, but fuck it I'm happy. I did my walk again and my chunches and my room. And I got 3 more assignments handed in, so now I only have 15868000 left to do. Uh it never ends, and to amke it worse I found out I only have 9 days left in college (of course that isn't including fridays, weekends or the banks holiday, but still 9 DAYS!)

Intake today was:

I really hate crappy numbers like that.

Oh I made dinner today, it was great, I made pasta with brocolli, carrots and sausages with cheese on the top, but the best part, Rachel didn't eat one single bite. I just told my mum my friend bought me lunch in college and I had something when I came home, which was true, for once.

I love making people food, especially things like that, all stodgy and cheesy. Am O bad?? I hate making my mum food though. I cut the brocolli and she was standing over me going "what are you cutting it like that for" and "oh I would have done it that way" and then when I was washing up after she was coming up behind me doing bits I'd "missed"

Anyway today was still a good day. I'm feeling quite a bit brighter since yesterday, It's good I like it, I hope it stays around.

Oh oh and efore I forget, I ran a little teny bit today when I was on my walk, I ran for a little bit of it with my dog. It really was a small amount, it probably totalled up to about 4 minutes, but it was running all the same :)

Thank you again for the comments, they really help. Knowing you are reading motivates me more because I don't want to post that I've failed. I've done to much of that lately.

Love you


  1. yay for good days! :) glad you're doing so well and not letting things get you down

  2. keep up the good work, it also seems to brighten your mood so much :)

  3. yay :)
    i'm glad you had a good day.

  4. Hey lovely,

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    have a nice day!

  5. And that's a lot of assingments...
    Your distatse of Snape pleases me though.
    Don't want no skinny minnies theiving ma fantasy man, or summink or nuffink.

    Yeah, I'd make a great gangsta.