Friday, 28 May 2010


I am getting nowhere with this stupid fucking coursework, I need some motivation. Motivate me!! Please.

I caved again, my brother made me pasta, without telling me before hand, and I felt bad saying no, but other than that I've had 1 diet coke, and 1 hot chocolate.

Uh I'm getting nowhere with anything. I have to clean the whole house, including tidying my bedroom, doing the ironing, putting on washing, and hanging it out before tomorrow night, and I have 6 full assignments to do for tuesday! I'm pretty much fucked, I'm just not motivated to do anything at the minute, I have been trying to do this coursework for about3 hours and haven't really got anywhere with it.

I hope I wake up in a really productive mood tomorrow and am flat out until tomorrow night, I have to be or else I'm in the shitters.



  1. i always find it hard to motivate myself. i have to be in a certain mood, otherwise their is just no hope for me at all.

    i would like that very very much. i wish that we could go out.

  2. I vote for : ' rewards as motivation' , yhe reward being shiny -fun- stuff-that-has -absolutly-no-practical-use !!! good luck

  3. YOU'LL BURN CALORIES? & THAT LEAD INTO LOSING WEIGHT! Honey, what other motivation do you need? :D Listen to music, & stay away from food