Monday, 28 June 2010

28 June

Okay food intake today was 794 calories, and calories burnt was 317, which makes total intake 477. I'm quite happy with that. Oh and I got some lollies today. Mini Milks. 30 Calories, thats right folks, 30 cals. They're yummy.

Okay just wanted to give you a quick update, haven't really any news. Oh wait I got paid tonight for babysitting, it's only £15, but it's something. I really need to find a job, or more kiddies 2 look after, uh.

Pretty boring post, nothing really to report.
Night guys I love you, you really keep me going you know.

Okay I've had 175 more calories, which takes my intake to 969, after exercise my total is 652cals. Still better than it has been.
I need to get some structure back, so I know what I'm doing. Ok really going now. Sweet dreams everyone.


  1. wow, mini milks are only 30 calories ...who knew :P


  2. I've heard of those things before, I seriously need to find them! > < What grocery store do you shop at? I tried to find them once but that was a fail.

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  4. i adore mini milks! i have like three boxes of them haha xx

  5. Yum!
    Low cal lollies, my fave. :]