Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Day 1

Ok today so far I have had 149 calories, it is 5.05pm.
I've had one coffee and one tea (64 each)
Two cans of sugar free red bull (7 each)
And 1 pint of dilute juice (7)

I was with my nanna and little cousin today. My wee cousin is just the cutest, she really is and I love her to bits. I got a bit worried because my nanna made ham rolls, but I got in quickly and said I wasn't hungry because I had a big breakfast (I told her I'd had 2 slices of toast and a bowl of porriage, I hadn't.)
She then pulled out probably my most favorite biscuits on the world, (caramel digestives) I very nearly caved but then pulled myself together and said no, (I like to dunk all my biscuits in tea) I would need tea with it but it is too hot for tea.

Then she give me a cadburys fucking flake, she went to give my wee cousin some milky buttons so I put the flake in my pocket. We went to my aunties soon after, I was only there about 5 minutes before she pulled out a packet of buns, "Sorry I have to go now, I have to see to the dog", came home and give the flake to Roxy, my dog.

So far pretty successful. I am minding a wee boy across the road tonight, in about an hour, so that will keep me busy tonight.

I also did, 100 situps, 50 crunhes and 100 star jumps this morning too, and I have been running around after my wee cousin all day too.

Oh, oh oh I nearly forgot, yesterday I woke up at 110.2Ibs. This moring I woke up at 109.2!! I shouted woo-hoo when I saw it on the scale this morning. I was so happy. I know it was only 1Ib but after binging for so long, I was so relieved.

Thank you to everyone who has commented, your support means the world to me.
How is everybody doing??


  1. YAY!! Congrats on a succesfull day 1 :)
    you should be proud, resisting nanna's treats like that. Day 2 will be much better. Gosh I can't wait to join you on friday. I'm practising now already, just had two teas today, and soup later.
    We are gonna rock this fast :) keep strong.

  2. congratulations girl!
    well done at resisting too.

  3. Good job with today!! You're seriously doing amazing! :) Proud of you.