Monday, 21 June 2010

Thank you,

Thank you, thank you.

Really I love you all so very much, I truly do.
I wasn't going to tell you this but I feel like I can because I know you won't judge. I am, as I type binging on giant chocolate muffins and jam donuts. I feel vile, but I was feeling... you know when you get that feeling when you know you are going to binge, like nothing you do is going to stop it? Well yeh thats my feeling.

I hate telling you guys about my failings because you give me so much love and support.

I really can't express my feelings towards you all, I really just can't find the words. I find this community the strangest community ever. But in a good way, we have never meet each other but I feel closer to you all than I do to most of the people in my life. I can tell you pretty much anything and know I won't get judged, I know I will only get love and kindness. And I wish we could all make our own community in the outside world. It would be incredible. It would be like neverland, we would never have to grow older, and we could do what we wouldn't when we wanted. It would be magical. I really do feel like you all know me better than anyone else does, because you know all of me.

I really to love each and everyone of you, more than I can say. I will try to get back into regular posting and commenting as soon as I can. I really appreciate all you beautiful comments.

Thank you for finally making me feel like I belong.


  1. we love you too Rachel. I hope you're feeling better, and don't worry about those muffins and donuts :)
    ps, getting all of us together would be awesome. It would definetly be filled with love, kindness and support.

  2. <3
    I binged on some chocolate brownie muffins the other day. no worries :] You'll do great the rest of the week :] :] :]

    Love Lilah

  3. Lots of love to you darling
    hope things get better soon


  4. will we have our kingdom in neverland? with the court of skeletons?... i miss u rache.. its like... i feel empty, more so than usual, and i think to myself what important thing is missing... it doesnt take long for me to need my rachel hit :P

  5. Aw,I feel the same way! I wish we could all hang out and share tips, and such.

  6. Oh god it's so true.. Reading all these blogs is a huuuge comfort for me! This whole idea of a fantasy world only for us, it's really.. well beautyful haha. It really is

  7. your outside community sounds like heaven. i love you too. :)
    xoxo, melissa

  8. Love you too girl! :) & i feel the same way about this community, you're so right. The reason why it feels so good is cause we can speak up our minds. We can be 98% ourselves here. :) & Wonderland can't even compare to how awesome that would be. :)