Saturday, 12 June 2010

I don't know

I'm not really sure how I feel at the minute, I feel...
I wish someone could explain this to me.
It's like this picture, I feel trapped in my own life, but there is still something in me that is good, that is real, and if I try hard enough I can let it go, and it will do something amazing so it can come back and set me free.

I know I'm not really making sense, I'm not making sense even to me. But I don't feel real right now, sort of lost in a way. But I know that there is still something in me worth fighting for, because it hasn't died yet.

It will help me fight, until I reach my goal.

My mum informed me yesterday that she is going to Eygpt for a week, leaving Wednesday, my brother is going away on Friday, so I will be trying a fast from Wednesday until she returns.


  1. The butterfly is potential, the chains are whatever stands in our way to perfection. If you can figure out the latter, get past it, you can break those chains and reach that butterfly. We all battle those damn chains.

  2. I get what you mean, even if nobody else does.
    Good luck with your fast, I will be rooting for you!
    xoxo, melissa

  3. I know what you mean love. I feel like I hold the key to my locked shackles, but I'm just waiting to pick it up.
    Good luck with your fast :) I love it when parents leave us to our devices (even too our detriment).
    So I'll be joining you :)

  4. yeah, my dad is leaving on friday, so I can only start my fast then. But im definetly joining you. Going to do liquids though. We should take full advantage of not being watched :)

  5. Its a plan then! :) im excited too, and it'l be easier knowing you're with me, so thank you.

  6. Good luck with your fast, honey.