Wednesday, 2 June 2010

I'm sorry these are all getting very repetitive

What did Rachel do today??

Yes you guessed it.....


I really am sick of it as I'm sure you are of me talking about it. I was only in college until about 11 today, came home and me and my friend did 4 hours of coursework, went back to college to hand it in then went for a walk with our dogs, for about an hour, came home had a shower, about to do more coursework now.

Yes my days have become more exciting than I could ever have imagined.

I seem to have developed a nasty habit of doing work and munching. Not so good, I munched my way through 1300 calories today. So yeh...

I finish college tomorrow but I have to go in for a couple of hours 1 or maybe 2 days next week to hand the rest of my stuff in. But hopefully by Wednesday maybe Thursday next week I will be FREE woohoo!!

I am going to work my little socks of between tomorrow and Friday to get as much done as I can, so I'm not spending the whole of another weekend on it.

Sorry for yet another very repetitive post, just a few more days, thanks for hanging in there guys, really it means the world to me


  1. So much coursework- sounds depressing. But almost done now, think about the freedom!

  2. it's ok - i'm sorry you have to do so much of it. it sounds pretty intense.

  3. What are you studying in college?

  4. coursework lol i swear, that and weightloss make up your life rachel.. well, and me :D
    and probably loads of other stuf... ok i was joking *facepalm*
    ur so close to freedom, excitabuble!!