Sunday, 27 June 2010

Long, Sorry

Okay, this is going to be a long post because I have two topics I want to discuss, my new plan, and my family. I think I will start with family.

I want to tell you about them because I know I have not painted them with the best brush in this blog, but for the most part they are ok. They are good. I love them and just wanted you to know what they are really like.

Okay, my family consists of my mum, dad, big sister and big brother.

My dad is a journalist, and is really a lovely, lovely man. He is kind, and even though he tells crappy jokes, he is funny in a way only a dad can be. I don't see him as much as I should though, I should really make more of an effort to see him.

My mum, I know I don't always potray her in the best light here but I forget how wonderful she is sometimes. My mum and dad divorced when I was 6, and she brought me and my brother up, more or less by herself, she worked a few crappy jobs to make ends meet, she always made sure we had everything we needed, even though she was suffering from depression at the time. I need to learn to appriaciate her more.

My brother. Hum. Well you know a bit about him, what I have told you about the past few days is the way he is. He is selfish, and drinks too much, thinks everybody owes him a favour, and doesn't think about anyone apart from himself, and wants to urt those who love him as much as possible. I have not seen the real him for so long. I don't think we will have much, if anything, to do with each the the foreseable future. I will always love him, more than he will know, but I cannot forgive or forget the things he has said and done.

My sister. Well she is just wonderful, she really is. She is always there for me when I need her. I remember when I was little, when my mum and dad were fighting, she would sit with me and my brother and let us listen to her music and headphones so we couldn't hear them fighting. She is always taking me places and doing things with me. She kind of understands that I'm different to other 17 year olds, but she let me be. I think she is more aware than what she lets on, she never asks questions but I know she is always there. I adore my sister and I know I am so lucky to have her.

Part 2:

Okay, part 2 of my post. I count the calories I eat religously, but rarely count the calories I burn off. I think I am going to start. I would like to know what I am burning. Okay that wasn't really a plan but... yeh.

Anywat to day I have had 790 calories and I have burnt 303 calories, which makes the total about 487 calories. I feel quite good about that.

I want to try and burn at least half of the calories I eat.

I'm dying for a cigarette, so I will go, and if you have gotten this far, thank you, really you deserve a blue peter badge and a gold one at that.



  1. When I religously counted calories, I subtracted calories burned. It was good because I like to have a net intake of less than 500.

  2. i got a badge! lol... nice...