Thursday, 24 June 2010

It feels good...

Yip cutting feels even better when I'm drunk. I failed again, today I ate a bowl of cerial, a bowl of soup, 2 cups of tea, a vanilla cappicinno and a massive caramel square. Along with a feed of alcohol.
Yup slicing myself when drunk is probably not a good mixture, but it's working for me.

Okay a pretty pointless post, sorry, I love you all. I will post tomorrow and let you know how I am and most likely apologise for this post. O and I was 109Ibs this morning. Yip I'm still that fat.

I am so sick of failing all the time, it really is tiring me, almost boring me, I'm so sorry, my beautiful girls, I really am. I want to lose this flab, I am so sick of it clinging to me like a parisite.

I will lose it, I have to, I can not continue the way I am, I just can't do it anymore.


  1. this is your blog, you can post whatever you want and i will still read it.

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  3. just remember that we're all here to support you, love! stay strong, and be safe xx

  4. high 5. i share that same motive with you.. as well as the problem of being unable to stick to it, it drives me mad! :( stay strong my lovely :) xxx

  5. *sigh* rachel lol. i love you i swear. we're so crazy sometimes... sometimes i see, sometimes i dont. but its perfect