Sunday, 20 June 2010


I haven't posted since Wednesday. I've had a bit of trouble with my family, well my brother. We had a massive fight and he said some really nasty, cruel things to me and my sister. He tried to kill himself last year and told me that if he tried it again, it would be my fault.

Now he has disowned me and my sister, he wants nothing more to do with us, he said.

I have cried so much over the last few days, and I rarely cry, but now I think I have used up all my tears. There are none left.

Needless to say my fast has gone to shit, I still have 3 days left til my mum comes back and believe me I am going to make them count.

I had to stay at my dads with my sister because she didn't want me to stay with my brother. I couldn't sleep and was just so exhaused I didn't have the energy to fight with myself about food. But I will give my everything to these remaining days.

I'm sorry to everyone that gave their support and left such lovely comments


  1. *hugs* i'm sorry to hear about your brother, we all hurt in different ways and take it out on the people who care about us. it's not fair.

    tears are ok. honest they are.


  2. you have no need to apologise to us.
    i am sorry about your brother.
    but like sunshine said, crying does help.
    it is a very good release.
    sending you a hug.

    did you feel it?

  3. That's mean of your brother to say those things. Stay strong, love.

  4. wow i'm so sorry, love :(
    take all the time you need and stay strong xxx

  5. I'm so sorry my dear, that must be hard for you :(

    i agree, crying is good. Don't worry about commenting/posting.. I think we all know here what it's like when things are hard.

    Much love,
    Bali x

  6. you don't have to say sorry to us love.
    wish i could be there to hug you. im really sorry that you're hurting right now.
    hugs to you and your sister.
    hang in there, and know we are always here for you

  7. Cyber hug?
    That is so awful. Nothing you should have to deal with. I hope things get better soon, I truly do honey.

  8. Oh love, i am so utterly sorry for the sad news. I understand half of what you're going through, i have a friend who tried to kill herself. I'm so so, & it's okay honey, cry. Sometimes that's the best way of letting it all out. I'm with you, maybe not physically but somehow i hope you know we're here for you. Behind the clouds the sun is always shinning. :) Love ya, hugs.

  9. i'm so sorrry :( and trust me, im the worlds worst crier, so let it all out :) crying helps soften the pain :) and here's a huge hug for you :) becuase you deserve it, and i like the way i feel when people hug me so thought id share the feeling? muxh love xxx