Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Day 1 - Complete

There it is, I did it, now only tomorrow to complete and I have broken my own record, last time, day 2 I caved. Not tomorrow though, I will complete it.

I feel good today, well a part from the killer headache I have, but I haven't been drinking enough water, I'll drink more tomorrow.

Total intake for today is 212 calories because I've had a hot chocolate and a coke since my last post.

I'm feeling good right now. Thank you again everyone, I really think you have made me more determined to succeed.

Hope everyone is doing alright??


  1. Well done! That is really amazing :)

    Good luck for tomorrow.. it's amazing what you can achieve when you want something so much.

    Bali x

  2. well done well done well done!
    je suis heureuse after reading this now.

  3. Goodgoodgoodgood luck!
    I know you'll do well.
    We're all behind you, supporting you.