Monday, 14 June 2010

I have binged like a starved ape today, really it has been horrendous. But tomorrow will be spent, preparing for my fast. I will be having 6 cups of coffee/tea. As much water/diluted juice/diet coke that I can get my lungs around. Two low fat yogurts and a carton of soup.

I will start liquid fasting on Wednesday, I am doing teas/coffees/juice/coke etc. I have wee cups of hot chocolate to, they are 70 cals, so anytime I feel a craving I will have one. If I feel like I am going to binge I will have half a carton of soup.

I cannot fail this.

I will not fail this.

I am going to London at the end of July. I have wanted to go to London for about 4 years.

I will not go fat!

I'm sorry I haven't been commenting as much as I should, I have been back in college trying to get work finished, to be honest I'm that tired of it I'm really past caring but...
I will get back to it really soon. I always always read though.



  1. you can do this! you will not fail. if you're still fasting on friday then i'll be joining you :)