Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Monster Breakfast

Yes, monster breakfast, that is what I am chowing down right now. Toast with sugar, pancakes and maple syrup, a glass of milk, a cup of tea with sugar, cerial with milk and biscuits.

"OMG Rachel, are you at some horrible function where you can simply not get out of eating all this shit", you ask??...... No I'm just a fat, greedy, uncontrolled bitch!!

I wasn't hungry before I started and I am insanely full now but I am still eating.

It is only 11.20am. No more today, I am babysitting later so just tea and water.

I am sick of failing, like really, really sick of it


  1. Im right with you :( I've had a couple of rough days... Haven't been able to control myself at all.
    But! Tomorrow is a new day, so cheer up, you can do it <3

  2. yes tomorrow is a new day.
    hey rachel, i've missed you.
    hang in there love, and maybe burn off some of those cals? you can do this!
    love you lots

  3. love, happened to me yesterday & i'm afraid i'll happen to me tomorrow... Anyhow. Let try to stay strong.

  4. You wont fail- just remember that that will speed up your metabolism and carry on forgetting that it was a bad thing- you can do it :)


  5. i hate it when we do that... its a monster for sure :( its not your fault rachel. we have to push through these things.