Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Okay I suppose...

I'm not estactic with how today went, but I'm not annoyed either. Today was more about getting myself used to everything again after my while of binging.

I weighed myself this morning and I was 110.2. I gained, but to be honest it hasn't annoyed me that much because the amount I ate I should have gained about 7Ibs. I was lucky this time.

Today has been 763 Calories which is maybe more than I wanted to see, but I'm just happy that I had control over what I ate instead of stuffing myself in a blurred frency.

These 763 calories consited of:
  • 4 cups of coffee - 256
  • Half a carton of potato and leek soup - 150
  • A low fat yogurt - 143
  • Vegetable selection - 214 (It had like baby potatoes, carrots, brocolli and cabbage)

I was round at my aunties today with my little cousin, who is just the cutest thing ever, really she is adorable, but my other little cousin was there (well not so little anymore he's 13, ok I realise I probably made myself sound really old there, but I still think of him as about 7.) But anyway, he offered my some dark chocolate and without even a second thought, I said "No thank you". This may not sound very good but I am a complete chocolate whore, so that was good for me.

My mum was making spag bol for dinner, but I said I didn't want any, that was fine but then something got the better of me and I put a spoonful in my mouth. As soon as it hit my tongue I was straight in the bathroom spitting it out, I am nearly sure I swallowed none of it.

Mum leaves at about 5.00am so happy days!!

I'm kind of looking forward to it, I want it.

I want to see the number on that fucking scale go down... Significantly

I can honestly not thank you all enough, for your wonderful comments of support, I no I say it a lot but they truly do mean the absolute world to me. I no with you all behind me I cannot fail.

Expect a few posts a day from me this week, I find it easier to stay on track if I let you know how I'm doing thoughout the day.

I think I got back to everyone who commented but if I left you out, it was purely accidental, don't be afraid to say, because I love getting back to people and hopefully giving some support to those who are supporting me.

It is 8.30pm now, so I might have a cup of tea and then that will be me.

Total Intake: 827



  1. you did really well, weel done you!
    and thank you for all your comments :)

  2. 110 is amazingg!! :) Hopefully I see that number soon!

  3. You did really well today :) Im proud of you for spitting that food out, I'd never be strong enough to do that! > <

  4. amazing! are you prepared for a stalker? are you?

  5. you're doing so well!!
    Congrats and take full advantage of your mom absence!!!